Woods of Wisdom LLC

 Like fingerprints, the colors and grain patterns naturally exist within the trees

Carving Embellishments   

    We generally have a good idea of what we are going to carve on each piece before it is mounted on the carving bench.  The decision of what to carve happens during the Reshaping to Final Form phase of our process.

    The beauty of woodcarving is that it enables you to change your intentions at a whim. This option is breathtaking after having survived the uncreative aspect of mundane sanding. Our carving tools are sharpened and a design is drawn out on each piece. The carving tools connect the dots, so to speak, and a pattern is formed. Depending on the design, the time spent woodcarving can far exceed any other aspect of the process. Some of our carvings denote a special message, others are purely attached for a masculine or feminine touch. All are added with the hopes of enhancement and not distraction. Once the carvings are complete, the next portion of the process will provide us an insight on whether or not our piece will make it through the whole process. It's back to the lathe to do the final hollowing.

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