Woods of Wisdom LLC

 Like fingerprints, the colors and grain patterns naturally exist within the trees
Finial and Lid

Making of the Lid and Finial (if applicable) 

     Not all pieces we make require a lid. Some shapes call to stand alone without a top, others are variable. They can either have one or not... Others require a lid to complete a desired form. Our lids are generally made from kiln dried wood which provide us assurance that the wood is completely stabilized. With that in mind, we fit them to the opening of the vessel intentionally providing a little bit of play to ensure a proper fit throughout the year.

     Once the bottom of the lid is fitted to the opening of the vessel we must now shape the exterior part of the lid. This often proves to be a challenge. Think of it similarly to selecting a hat. Generally speaking, most of us wouldn't wear a baseball cap with a suit to a formal dinner; the hat just doesn't work with the outfit. The same is true when shaping the exterior of a lid. It must wear well with the piece and make visual sense. This also applies to the creation of the finial or knob. It has to be in proportion and complement the lid. It's not as straight forward as it appears, and as silly as this might seem, when you get it right it's very satisfying!

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